What Are Our Categories?

The industry is engaged in the research, design and manufacture of various types of dust collectors

  • The Dust Collector category comprises a range of efficient and powerful devices designed to effectively capture and control airborne dust particles within various environments. These innovative products act as essential tools in promoting cleaner and healthier surroundings, mitigating potential health hazards...
  • A fan is a mechanical device used to move air or gas. It consists of one or more rotating blades that generate airflow through rotation, thereby effectively transferring heat energy or powering ventilation. Fans are widely used in industry, agriculture, construction, automobiles, and other fields. Fans are us...
  • Conveying equipment is a friction-driven mechanical device that transports objects, materials, or products from one place to another in a continuous manner; the conveying lines are generally fixed, and the conveying lines have three conveying modes: horizontal, inclined, and vertical. You can choose to form a...
About Us
Liyang ZhongXing Environmental Protection Machinery Co., LTD.

Our company has formed product serration

, design planification, technology innovation, and service quality of a good situation. The company adheres to the concept of being people-oriented, promotes the pioneering and innovative spirit of enterprise, and establishes a scientific attitude of being practical and realistic. We will view “Earnestness” as the working benchmark and “Endless Service” as a motto, serve customers and reward society
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Corporate Advantage
  • Excellent and stable product quality

    Strictly in accordance with the supplier's indicators for each batch of product testing quality control

  • Cost-effective and gold-standard products

    Professional R&D team and technical service team can continuously provide new products with better cost performance

  • Continuous and reliable product supply

    The company's complete ERP system, reasonable layout of the sales warehouse network and efficient operation mechanism

  • Fast and caring extended services

    All-weather tracking service, timely return visits, and customer communication feedback, to help customers solve problems

Customer Cases

We specialise in the research, design and manufacture of various types of mine dust collectors. The company has advanced equipment, computer management system, strong technical force and reliable product quality

  • Nanchang Mining Machinery Rooftop Project
  • Ethiopia
  • Stone Crushing Line Nuclear Power Station Karachi Pakistan
  • Changzhou, China
  • Jiangsu, China
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Saudi Arabian Trade and Industry Organization 1
  • Saudi Arabian Trade and Industry Organization 2
  • South Africa Mining Limited 1
  • South African Mining Limited 2
  • Mongolia Altai Mining 1
  • Xuanzhou, Anhui,China
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